Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 常見問題

如何網路下單 How to place an order?
登入會員 → 選購花禮 → 填寫訂購資料 → 付款
2. 將花禮加入購物車後,依指示填妥訂單資料與付款方式
若您付款後仍處於" 新訂單 "超過15小時,請與我們聯繫,確認是否成功收到您的訂單


Login → Add to cart → Pay for Orders
1. First become a member. You can register with Facebook or create an account.
2. Add desired items to cart and input delivery details.
3. Choose your preferred payment method.
  If you choose to pay with a credit card, you will be directed to third party payment site.
 In any case, you should follow through the transaction without closing or refresh the browser.
4. Upon completion of the payment transaction, you will receive automated confirmation email!
* All orders must be paid for prior to dispatch.


請問要多久前下單 How far in advance should I place my order?


We would recommend orders to be placed at least 3 days in advance for us to prepare your orders.
It allows us to ensure that flowers are fine and fresh as you're expecting it to be.
For urgent, same day, or next day deliveries, please contact us to check on flower and delivery schedule availability.
If you make your purchase before 12 noon(Taiwan time),
usually we can deliver on the same day, but the selection of products may be limited.
Please note:All orders must be paid for prior to dispatch.


是否能客製化花禮 Do you do customized bouquets?
可以的,您可以填寫"花禮洽詢單 ,告訴我們您的需求與預算。
請注意,客製花禮請務必於" 花禮需求日 "五天前下單並完成付款。


This depends on what you'd like to customize!
Let us know what type of budget and arrangement you would like to have.
Or you can "send us a picture and we will tell you how much it will cost for us to make a similar one.
However, please be aware that every florist has their own style , cannot be reproduced exactly like the picture.
Please note: for customized order, please place your order at least 5 days in advance


可以不要讓收花人知道是誰送嗎? Can I send flowers anonymously?
Yes you can send flowers anonymously. Please leave a note to remind us.


Can you deliver at a specific time?
配送時間僅提供上午(9:00-12:00)、下午(13:30-18:00) ,無法選擇詳細到貨時間
重大節日(如春節、情人節、母親節...等) 因訂單量較大,恕不指定時段。
若您知道收花人的行程(例如: 下午五點過後人不會在),請在訂單備註提醒我們。

We can't guarantee it, but we'll do our best! Just leave a message in the Note section.
For example, say "deliver before 5:00 PM, she leaves work then." That way the driver will know to make it a priority.


收花人不在怎麼辦? What if my recipient is not present at the time of delivery?
開幕與追思的 蘭花、盆栽、高架花籃、盆花則會擺放在現場。

If the intended recipient isn't there to receive their flowers,
then we will do our best to ensure they are left with neighbors or in a safe place.
You can also leave any specific instructions for this during the checkout process


What information do you need to order funeral flowers?

Taiwanese usually send flowers to the deceased instead of family member.
If you want to send sympathy flowers to family member to express your condolences,Tabletop Flowers would be your best option.
(Typically standing arrangement are designed for funeral parlor display.)

If you are sending the flowers to the funeral, there are some information we need to know.
*The Chinese name of the deceased
*The approximate age of deceased
*The faith of the deceased
* Contact people in Taiwan and contact numbers.
* Time and the place of the funeral service
If you still not sure, just send us a picture of obituary and we will handle it.


1. 告別式(設奠)場所於:殯儀館、火化場、私人會館、教會…,要看是否已能擺放花禮,才能決定配送日期&時間。
因此可能會無法照您訂單上填寫的日期與時間送出。 請務必註明公祭日期與時間,我們必定會替您在儀式前送達。

2. 送花地址應該留哪裡?
請留告別式場所(設奠地點)。若您不確定,請將訃聞的內頁與封頁 傳真或email給我們,能使我們更能評估花況與運送。

3. 可能會發生的情況如下:
情況一: 訃聞上寫了好多場所,花應該要送到哪裡



→等喪家正式租用廳位的時段 才能送花
台中殯儀館、東海火化場、大甲火化場 可幫您查詢。



送出訂單後,發現資料錯誤 What if I made a mistake on my order?
If you notice something wrong with your order, contact us immediately and we'll correct the error.


如何得知付款成功 How do I know if a payment has been successful?
*銀行匯款/ ATM 轉帳
若您付款後仍處於" 新訂單 "超過15小時,


在您刷卡成功後,您的訂單金流狀態 會顯示"交易成功"。
You can also check the order status by clicking on My Account > My Orders.
The order date, item description, item number and delivery status are displayed.
Once your credit card has been authorized, your Payment Status will appear as"付款成功".
You should also receive an automatic confirmation email.


刷卡失敗怎麼辦 Why does my online credit card payment fail?

• 第一次使用尚未開卡
• 輸入錯誤(卡號、到期日、CVV2 /CVC2/CAV2認證碼)
• 信用卡過期
• 超出信用卡使用額度或餘額不足
• 信用卡不允許海外或線上交易
• 發卡行內部系統問題…等
• 此筆卡號同時有人刷卡授權中,因此視窗會跳出
• 信用卡授權時,網路不穩斷線或交易未完成時離開頁面




A list of common reasons why payments fail:
• Your Credit Card has not been activated for use
• You entered an incorrect card number or CVV2/CVC2/CAV2 number.
• The card expired.
• You've exceeded the card's credit limit or single transaction limit.
• The account doesn't have sufficient funds.
• You exceeded the maximum number of charges the card can receive in a period.
• The issuing bank doesn't allow the use of the card for internet or international transactions.
 Talk to your bank to allow these types of transactions, then retry the credit card .
  Or, enter a new card that does allow internet or international transaction
• 3D Secure Verification Issue

To resolve a declined payment, you'll need to figure out why the payment was declined.
Usually this involves contacting your bank or credit card company to fix the issue.

If you're still having problems with your card, try :
1. Using an alternative credit card
2. Changing your payment method at checkout. 


如何知道訂單已出貨/送達 How do I know if my order has been delivered?
你可在會員專區>我的帳戶>訂購紀錄 裡,查看訂單狀態。
You can track your orders by clicking on My Account > My Orders.
When your order has delivered, the order status shows " 已出貨 "
Besides, you will receive an automatic notification email



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